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Yoshida Lab. focuses on the materials science and engineering in the field of transportation and energy plant. We utilize our strong connection with several major companies in automotive, aerospace, train, and power electronic module industries to develop less-defect and high-reliability future generation manufacturing process based on both numerical simulation and detailed experimental validation.  Publication list

Thruster on the launched unmanned cargo spacecraft (Kounotori). A colloborative project with JAXA.
Real size thruster on the launched unmanned cargo spacecraft (Kounotori), produced by additive manufacturing method
Inside structure of the thruster.
Motorcycle frame developed in our lab by utilizing the numerical analysis.
Development of defectless turbocharger compressor housing.
Future-generation SiC power module development conducted with Fuji Electric Co. Ltd.
(picture taken from Fuji Electric Review Vol. 59 No. 4 (2013) 221-225)
Hot-tearing observed during solidification of Al alloy.
A casting part made by our members.
Ag nanoparticles sintering for the application in SiC power module.

turbocharger casting simulation motorcycle casting simulation

Casting simulation of motorcycle frame (left) and turbocharger compressor housing (right), which was conducted by our lab.



In a national industry-university collaborative spacecraft development project, we exploited the state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to develop an engine thruster that is used to control the attitude of the supply-transfer vehicle. The successfully developed thruster has been put to real application in the unmanned “Kounotori” spacecraft-series. In addition, collaborative research and development of high-strength aluminium alloy for aircraft and spacecraft structure are also conducted with the related industries.

In the field of automobile such as two/four-wheel drive, truck, and construction machinery, we are working closely with government and large national automobile industries on material research and its production development that associate to the engine and power train (transmission, suspension etc.). Additionally, on aiming to reduce the weight of vehicle, we also participates in a collaborative industry-university-government project. We are actively participating in several large national projects, and in recent years, our research activity focuses on 3D printing technology for the development of engine parts in automobile. Last but not least, we are also engaged in a national project with collaboration of related industries and other universities on developing the production technology of SiC-based power electronics module—which is the core technology in next-generation EV, HEV, and railroad vehicle.

Announcement for those who would like to enter the graduate school course of Yoshida Laboratory.

Announcement for those who would like to enter the graduate school course of Yoshida Laboratory.(For applicants who graduate from a university outside of Waseda University.)

・Applicants who have not been certificated to have passed the JLPT N1 are not eligible.

・You should enter our laboratory via the regular entrance examination (the same as a Japanese student),namery the enrollment from April of every year.

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